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April 19, 2018

Printastic! I know they’re not for everyone but I do love a print and now that Spring is finally here and the sun is out, it’s the perfect time to get them out, or get out and try it! Whether you go for top or bottom, or even both if you’re brave enough to try pattern clashing which is a current trend (!), you can’t go wrong!

Does your style change as you get older?

May 17, 2017

Does your style change as you get older? Probably. As I’ve gotten older my style has certainly become a little more ‘dramatic’ as I have grown into myself and care a little else about what others might think! But for a lot of ladies it’s the opposite – a lot of my clients ‘dumb down’ their style for fear of standing out or looking ridiculous.

True, as we get older less is more, and classic styles are usually more flattering than clothes that are overly avant garde. But I do love the idea of growing old disgracefully! Hehe

There are a few things you may want to consider if you are a more mature lady… one is the length of your hem – overly short dresses or skirts simply look wrong. Upper arms are usually an area women are self conscious about so think about sleeve lengths and appropriate cover up. And finally, and probably most importantly, underwear! This is what lets so many ladies down. A good fitting bra is essential especially when gravity takes its course. And NEVER go bra-less!

Do you look at your wardrobe and despair?

April 6, 2017

Do you look at your wardrobe and despair?

Do you struggle with creating outfits?

Do you buy the same things all the time and wonder why it still feels like you’ve nothing to wear?

If you’ve answered yes to these, then sign up for my style workshop ‘the top 5 reasons your wardrobe isn’t working’! on Friday 23rd June from 10am til 12 at my home studio in Tring. Simply email me on for further details and to secure your place.

Only 5 places available so don’t delay!

How would it feel to open your wardrobe every morning and smile?!

April 5, 2017

How would it feel to open your wardrobe every morning and smile?! OK, not all of us are Carrie Bradshaw, but wouldn’t it be great to be in love with your wardrobe?!

This can be a reality. Start with only having (and wearing!) clothes that you actually love. In the words of Marie Kondo of Japanese tidying fame, hold each garment and ask yourself, ‘does it spark joy?’ This might sound a little extreme but it’s a useful goal to work towards. I hear so many women say ‘I don’t like it but I wear it any way’! Why would you do that?! To me, that is the definition of insanity!!

Think then of what you actually need. Think outfits rather than individual items. Ask yourself if your wardrobe reflects your lifestyle and if not, why not? What are the things you keep buying that are adding clutter rather than value to your wardrobe? Less is more as they say (more about the capsule wardrobe next week) and it’s better to invest in a few quality pieces than buying lots of cheaper clothes that you won’t feel or look that great in. 

One of the biggest problems I come across with client’s wardrobes

April 4, 2017

One of the biggest problems I come across with client’s wardrobes is simply in the organisation of them! Usually people have too many clothes, mostly ones they don’t even wear, so they don’t even know what they’ve got and it all becomes a bit overwhelming!

A simple but very effective way of organising your drawer space is using the Marie Kondo method of folding (KonMarie folding!). I had a go with one of my drawers and since then I have been using this method when working with clients wardrobes. You can actually see at a glance what you have rather than stacking things on top of each other and the bottom items never see the light of day! It’s also remarkably effective in reducing creasing!

If you’re having a Spring clean this holiday, have a go at transforming one of your drawers. Just start with one. I want to see your efforts please! 🙂

Easter is a good time to have a wardrobe sort out!

April 3, 2017

Spring is here and the sun is shining which helps, if like me, you’re off with the kids on Easter holidays! This is a good time to have a wardrobe sort out! Does your wardrobe look like the first picture?! Or the second? Would you like it to be like the second?

As a guide, you should throw out :

  • anything you haven’t worn in over 2 years
  • anything that is too big or too small
  • garments in the wrong colour or style
  • anything worn or stained
  • anything dated (unless it’s vintage!)

Put away the thick woolly jumpers and coats and bring out your lighter jackets and summer dresses! Some Spring time inspiration this week!

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