Does your style change as you get older?

Does your style change as you get older? Probably. As I’ve gotten older my style has certainly become a little more ‘dramatic’ as I have grown into myself and care a little else about what others might think! But for a lot of ladies it’s the opposite – a lot of my clients ‘dumb down’ their style for fear of standing out or looking ridiculous.

True, as we get older less is more, and classic styles are usually more flattering than clothes that are overly avant garde. But I do love the idea of growing old disgracefully! Hehe

There are a few things you may want to consider if you are a more mature lady… one is the length of your hem – overly short dresses or skirts simply look wrong. Upper arms are usually an area women are self conscious about so think about sleeve lengths and appropriate cover up. And finally, and probably most importantly, underwear! This is what lets so many ladies down. A good fitting bra is essential especially when gravity takes its course. And NEVER go bra-less!



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