How would it feel to open your wardrobe every morning and smile?!

How would it feel to open your wardrobe every morning and smile?! OK, not all of us are Carrie Bradshaw, but wouldn’t it be great to be in love with your wardrobe?!

This can be a reality. Start with only having (and wearing!) clothes that you actually love. In the words of Marie Kondo of Japanese tidying fame, hold each garment and ask yourself, ‘does it spark joy?’ This might sound a little extreme but it’s a useful goal to work towards. I hear so many women say ‘I don’t like it but I wear it any way’! Why would you do that?! To me, that is the definition of insanity!!

Think then of what you actually need. Think outfits rather than individual items. Ask yourself if your wardrobe reflects your lifestyle and if not, why not? What are the things you keep buying that are adding clutter rather than value to your wardrobe? Less is more as they say (more about the capsule wardrobe next week) and it’s better to invest in a few quality pieces than buying lots of cheaper clothes that you won’t feel or look that great in. 



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