One of the biggest problems I come across with client’s wardrobes

One of the biggest problems I come across with client’s wardrobes is simply in the organisation of them! Usually people have too many clothes, mostly ones they don’t even wear, so they don’t even know what they’ve got and it all becomes a bit overwhelming!

A simple but very effective way of organising your drawer space is using the Marie Kondo method of folding (KonMarie folding!). I had a go with one of my drawers and since then I have been using this method when working with clients wardrobes. You can actually see at a glance what you have rather than stacking things on top of each other and the bottom items never see the light of day! It’s also remarkably effective in reducing creasing!

If you’re having a Spring clean this holiday, have a go at transforming one of your drawers. Just start with one. I want to see your efforts please! 🙂



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