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Revamp Your Style and Wardrobe

Over 4 sessions, this programme will give you a style boost and wardrobe reboot so your clothes feel like ‘you’. As time passes, everything changes without us even noticing – our style, our likes/dislikes, our body, our lifestyle… but not our wardrobes. And then we wonder why we’ve got a wardrobe full of clothes and nothing to wear!

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What’s included? 

A ‘Colour Analysis’ so you’ll know the colours that will make you look your best and that you can mix and match to create many outfits from fewer clothes.

A ‘Style Consultation’ so you’ll understand the best styles to flatter your individual figure and enhance your best assets to feel confident, current and ‘stylish’.

A ’Wardrobe Detox’ so that everything you have is organised, suits you and your life, ‘sparks joy’ and so you can create outfits effortlessly and easily.

What result will I get?

You will know exactly what to wear, how to style it and why it works, so you will feel more confident, inspired and attractive in everything you wear.

Your wardrobe will reflect your lifestyle so you will always have something to wear and everything you own will mix and match so you can create outfits easily.

You will save time and money as it will be easy getting dressed every morning, you will always know what to buy and never make a style mistake again.

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