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Hi, I’m Alice Barnes

I work with women to help them unlock their natural style and own their uniqueness so they feel confident and attractive in everything they wear and live life to the full. It just takes a little knowledge and courage, but once you understand how to use style as a powerful tool to feel good about yourself, you’ll discover a world of confidence and compliments you never thought possible. > Learn more

Does this sound like you?

Does this sound like you?

You have a busy life, juggling work and family so you never have time for yourself and everyone else’s needs are more important than your own. Your wardrobe has become low priority and a means to an end, rather than a pleasure, so you have settled for clothes that ‘will do’ rather than you love. You simply don’t have the time, motivation or know how and frankly, you don’t even feel worthy.

Your body has changed and all the clothes you own no longer seem to suit you. You have a wardrobe full of clothes, but they are no longer ‘you’, so you keep buying more things to fix the gap but the problem just seems to get bigger. The choices on the high street are limited because they are too ‘young’ and shopping is a chore rather than a pleasure. You feel self conscious because you don’t want to dress like your daughter, but you’re not ready for elasticated waist bands either.

You have tried diet after diet and refuse to buy new clothes until you have reached a goal that always seems beyond your reach. You look in the mirror and your heart sinks.

You feel stuck.

If this resonates with you, you are not alone. Over the last 14+ years as a Personal Stylist, I have had the pleasure and privilege of helping hundreds of women like you to get out of this mindset. I help them to feel good about themselves and fall in love with their looks. To embrace their bodies, dress for who they are and to look amazing whatever their shape, size or age.

My experience

Over 14 years in the styling industry.

Professional training with First Impressions and the Federation of Image Professionals.

In-house Personal Stylist for the luxury health resort Champneys.

Run several fashion shows for charity and community projects.

Volunteer at the Hospice of St Francis running colour and style workshops for outpatients.

Workshops for Corporate clients.

Consultant with Meamora – salon quality nails and lashes for a DIY at home beauty experience.

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How can we work together?

I offer three unique style packages, each tailored to suit your individual needs. All the programmes are available in person or online to suit your requirements and geographical restrictions.

Unlock the Power of Your Unique Style

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The premium signature package covers everything you need to create your own style success story and bring about the biggest transformation for yourself.

Revamp Your Style and Wardrobe

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The silver package consists of a style and wardrobe makeover designed to make you feel confident, excited and attractive in everything you wear.

Discover Your Colour and Style

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The bronze package ensures you have all the basics to build a wardrobe of clothes that suit your colouring and shape so you always look and feel fab.

image consultant hertfordshire karen merry
image consultant hertfordshire karen merry
Quotation marks

“Alice is an incredibly amazing woman who has many strings to her bow surrounding the stylist industry. Alice’s personality and knowledge makes her an absolute dream to work with and she has a wonderful sense of humour.” KM

image consultant hertfordshire sally bowes
image consultant hertfordshire sally bowes
Quotation marks

“Alice is ridiculously good at what she does and thanks to her I have fallen back in love with my wardrobe again and feel much more confident that what I wear looks good on me – and I trust her implicitly to tell me truthfully what looks good and what doesn’t.” SB

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