Are you tired of buying the same things & still feel you have nothing to wear?

Do you feel your clothes are uninspiring or simply not ‘you’ any more?

Do you wish you could feel confident and stylish in everything you wear?

Well, you are not alone and the good news is you don’t have to feel like this…

It is possible to have a wardrobe of clothes that you feel good in and feel excited to wear. That will flatter your body, suit your personality and work with your lifestyle. You won’t make an expensive mistake again, because you will know exactly what to buy, where to find it and how to pull an outfit together easily.

And it doesn’t have to be difficult to look effortlessly stylish; looking fabulous and feeling good in everything you wear can be simple and fun!

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You’ve tried everything…

You’ve been on diet after diet but the weight simply won’t come off so nothing looks good.

You keep buying more and more garments in the hope that another little black top will be the answer to your wardrobe crisis.

You may even have had your colours analysed but now you can’t find those colours anywhere in the shops and you still don’t know how to put them together.

You haven’t got the time as you’re juggling a hundred balls, putting everyone else’s needs before you own, and you’re not even worthy so what’s the point…

I can totally relate.

I have always loved clothes and know the power they have to boost my mood and confidence. But when my marriage broke down, my self confidence was rock bottom.

I was looking after 2 children under 5 with no family nearby to help, whilst trying to keep my business going and life was more overwhelming than ever. I felt self conscious and that I had to pretend like everything was OK, when really it wasn’t. And I wondered if I would ever meet anyone again.

It took a while, but in time I realised that:
It was OK not to be OK.
It was OK to ask for help.
It was OK not to have the perfect body.
I wasn’t past it and still loveable.
I could just be me. And that ‘me’ was good enough.

I wore clothes for how I wanted to feel rather than for how I really felt. I saw the importance of looking after myself and the positive ripple that created. It boosted me everyday and helped me to feel good about myself again. And step by step life got a little easier and happy again.

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So what next…

Feeling good and confident in everything you wear.

Having a wardrobe filled only with clothes you love and where everything co-ordinates.

Looking in the mirror and loving how you look and knowing how to dress for yourself.

How would that make you feel?

It may feel scary, impossible even. But it is possible.

You can go out into the world and get what you desire because when you look good, your self-worth increases and therefore you feel more confident. This transforms your self image, which ultimately leads to improved relationships and creates a ripple of happiness across every area of your life.

So whether you’re an executive or business owner wanting a promotion or to feel confident standing in front of an audience presenting…

Or whether you’re a divorced woman hoping to find love again and to feel attractive, loveable and not invisible…

Or whether you’re going through the menopause and you want to reclaim your body and still feel sexy and beautiful…

The confidence you will gain from unlocking your style and embracing your uniqueness, will enable you to attract what you want for yourself and your life. As well as saving you a lot of time, money and frustration.

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So why work with me?

There are many Stylists out there but only one ‘me’ just as there is only one ‘you’ and this is at the core of what I do.

My approach is to playfully inspire women, mostly in midlife, to unlock their natural style and to own their uniqueness.

What makes me different is my inherent Portuguese flair for style, my ability to put people at ease helped by two degrees in Psychology, my sense of fun and 14 years in the styling industry.

I support and teach you everything you need to know to find your inner goddess in simple steps that are easy to understand and implement. Whilst there are certain style ‘rules’ that will provide a life-long easy to follow guide, I encourage you to experiment and have fun while doing so.

I do this with love, integrity and honesty. And because of this, my clients feel empowered to express their unique style authentically and confidently and enjoy life to the full.

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How can we work together?

I offer three unique style packages, each tailored to suit your individual needs. All the programmes are available in person or online to suit your requirements and geographical restrictions.

Unlock the Power of Your Unique Style

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The premium signature package covers everything you need to create your own style success story and bring about the biggest transformation for yourself.

Revamp Your Style and Wardrobe

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The silver package consists of a style and wardrobe makeover designed to make you feel confident, excited and attractive in everything you wear.

Discover Your Colour and Style

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The bronze package ensures you have all the basics to build a wardrobe of clothes that suit your colouring and shape so you always look and feel fab.

Would you like to find out more?

If you have questions about how to unlock your natural style and own your uniqueness or any of the programmes, schedule your free VIP session with me.

style makeover vanessa
style makeover vanessa
Quotation marks

“I used to open my wardrobe and be faced with racks of black trouser suits with the occasional hint of grey or brown thrown in to spice it up! Working in the oil industry I felt I had to dress in this way to be taken seriously as a woman in a male dominated environment.

I had previously met Alice at Champneys and when I changed role and needed an image refresh I immediately knew who I needed to talk to. Alice came to do a Wardrobe Review and swiftly identified the issues – unflattering colour choices, outdated styles and too many of the same types of garment, meaning I felt overwhelmed and depressed each time I opened my cupboard doors. We agreed what to keep, sell or donate and then set out on a Personal Shopping trip. Alice helped me select a few new items that ranged from complete outfits to individual pieces to pair with existing garments and give them a refresh.

I am now regularly complimented and no longer look at myself in the mirror, or the never-ending zoom calls, and feel depressed. I feel confident to choose the clothes that I know will flatter my face and figure. As a management consultant people buy my expertise, and so it’s important for me to be able to walk into a client meeting projecting self-confidence and my new style enables me to do that.” V Ginn

style makeover jo hodge
style makeover jo hodge
Quotation marks

“Before working with Alice my image confidence was pretty low and I struggled not to buy the same things as I always have.

Alice was great to work with; she really took the time to understand my needs and some of the challenges behind the clothes. We then worked closely together as she pushed me outside of my comfort zone and helped me realise what was possible.

I now have a great sense of confidence and my own style, supported by a better understanding of how to make outfits look great. I also understand my colours and the best ones to lift my complexion and mood.” J. Hodge

style makeover IMG_1679
style makeover IMG_1679
Quotation marks

“Before I met Alice I had no confidence in my choice of clothes or myself, my wardrobe was full of tops of different colours that didn’t match anything else, I didn’t own many dresses or accessories like jackets or handbags.

Getting dressed was a chore and filled me with dread, which made finding Alice a dream come true. Working with Alice made me feel very at ease and helped me take control of my wardrobe and made me feel like I was important, and worth it. It is so easy and quick for me to choose my outfit for the day now and I have learned how to put pieces together and the finishing touches make all the difference.

Since working with Alice and putting together my outfits my friends and family have noticed how I look, I have had compliments and people saying what’s different with you, I feel great and weirdly I feel like I’ve grown up. I would like to say that Alice saved me and will always be known as my Style Angel.” K Duncan

Would you like to find out more?

If you have questions about how to unlock your style and confidence, or any of the programmes, schedule your free VIP session with me

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